Reforestation with Piriatí-Embera Community

– Partner: Small Grants Program, UN
– Country: Panama.
A group of young environmental enthusiasts of the Piriatí-Embera community started a project to regain their cultural legacy, the coexistence with the forest. We collaborated with them, providing training, reforestation works, and building their own tree-nursery.

Reforestation with Ipeti Community

– Partner: Henkel, Germany
– Country: Panama.

Organic Fertilizer Project

– Partner: DEG. Futuro Forestal
– Country: Nicaragua.
We initiated a project for the production of Lobrihumos, using cow manure waste and Californian Red Worm. The project resulted in the creation of a collective with the participation of 8 mothers.

School nurseries and environmental education

– Partner: DEG, MED, UNAN-Leon..
– Country: Nicaragua & Panama
Environmental Education Program (EEP), 3 years
with an annual participation of:
12 University Professors – Autonomous University of Nicaragua – León
80 Primary and Secondary School Teachers
900 Secondary students from 4-5 grade
1200 Primary 5-6 grade students
120 University Students
23 Elementary Schools
7 High Schools
1 University

In alliance with UNAN-Leon and the faculty of agroforestry, EEP is promoted in the municipalities of El Viejo, Telica, El Sauce and Nanadaime in Nacaragua and throughout Panama.
3 nurseries produce 15,000 forest plants and 15,000 vegetable and fruit plants per year for reforestation and to supply collectives and schools in the municipalities. Final year agroforestry students teach young people, children and teachers techniques for the establishment, management and planting of forest, fruit and vegetable seedlings.
This contributes to the improvement of Nicaragua’s dry forest and food improvement of schools and communities integrated in the program. It also creates environmental awareness in those involved and their families.


reforesTAtion project to safeguard water supply.

– Partner: MiAmbiente (Panamanian Ministry of Environment).
– Country: Panama.
Together with 82 families of the local Ngäbe indigenous community, we reforested 120 Ha of deforested land, with a focus on safeguarding future water supply.

Seedlings for the Universidad de la Comarca: UDELAS.

The university UDELAS (Nägbe Buglé community extension) held a reforestation day in commemoration of the national reforestation day. The foundation donated 500 seedlings of native species and provided technical assistance during the activity.


PeliBüey Program

– Partner: DEG.
– Country: Nicaragua
The Pelibüey sheep has hair instead of wool, and is thus perfectly adapted to tropical weather. This project involves several communities to whom we distributed a seed stock of 120 sheep in order to improve their diet, and generate income from the sale of surpluses. 12 collectives were created with 4 families in each one. 


– Partner: DEG/ICCO.
– Country: Nicaragua.
We structured a honey production project as a social business. Rural women are empowered to be active economic agents, and decision makers, generating a source of secure and growing income. Today this project is being restructured thanks to our partners from CEN (Centro del Entendimiento con la Naturaleza).

environmental education

– Country: Panama & Nicaragua.
– Partners: Various
We developed a comprehensive program, with transmitters as divers as university professors and students to transfer knowledge to empirical teachers studying social science degrees, and to high school students who learn to productively manage a nursery of 5,000 forest and vegetable seedlings. Once ready, these seedlings are then distributed to primary schools for the reforestation of their communities and food improvement of students and their communities. The program aims to generate a practical environmental awareness of the benefits of the proper use of soil and forests.

Cleaning the beaches of Isla Cebaco

– Partner: EcoCebaco
– Country: Panama.
The foundation promoted cleaning the beaches of Isla Cébaco. The main focus was to free the beach of the largest amount of plastics and polluting materials as possible, with the support of the community and some educational and local institutions. The cleaned beaches were Playa Grande, Platanares and Arrimadero.

ProdUction of the book “History of Cebaco” 

– Partner: STRI.
– Country: Panama
The foundation financed a book “The history of Cebaco”. Mr. Jorge Ventocilla, together with other settlers of the island, researched  and tells the history through the years, as remembered by the older settlers.

Read the book here (PDF reader required)

Enrichment of the Mangroves

– Partner: EcoCebaco
– Country: Panama
The activity consisted of strategic enrichment of the mangroves on Isla Cebaco. The foundation in collaboration with ARAP and students from the Platanares Community, specifically 5th and 6th grade students, planted more than 500 mangrove seedlings.

Mural Contest – Isla Cebaco

– Partner: Henkel, Germany.
– Country: Panama
This activity consisted of highlighting in an artistic way the environmental education activities on the island. The theme was “I care for my environment”, where students from the three schools on the island of Cébaco reflected their proposal to care for the environment and their island. The winning school was Los Almácigos School.

Social Activities with the kids of Isla Cebaco

– Partner: EcoCebaco.
– Country: Panama
The the children of the three schools of Cebaco had a cultural meeting. The schools that participated in the environmental activities promoted by the Foundation were awarded. During the meeting, each school gave presentations and the event was celebrated with meals and games.


Reforestation plots for research.

– Partners: GIZ, REDD-CCAD.
– Country: Panama.
Project promoted by the Program for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Central America and the Dominican Republic REDD-CCAD/GIZ, executed by the German Agency for International Cooperation, GIZ. The foundation developed reforestation plots for research purposes, created reforestation plans to obtain forestry records, and aided in the publication of a technical note that compiled the actions carried out in the field.

Vegetable production.

– Partner: DEG, Futuro Forestal
– Country: Nicaragua.

Vegetable the communities surrounding the Futuro Forestal projects. Projects developed in 4 municipalities with 13 collectives of vegetables and fruits, aiming to improve food and economic opportunity with the sale of surplus.

School day care programs.

– Partner: DEG and other entities.
– Country: Nicaragua & Panama.

Creation of school day care in schools in the vicinity of the projects, benefiting workers and the community.

Training in schools.

– Partners: El Marañón School.
– Country: Panama.
The foundation has conducted awareness days in different schools, in the school El Marañón, in the district of La Mesa, province of Veraguas, a reforestation day was held, where 125 trees of native timber species were planted, training teachers and students in planting and beautification of their school.

Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences.

– Partner DEG, National Autonomous University of Nicaragua-UNAN-Leon, Ministry of Education (MED).
– Country: Nicaragua.
A bachelor’s degree program in Natural Sciences was developed in the environmental education program,  with 45 empirical teachers from the schools adhered to the program.

Community reforestation in areas affected by Hurricane Mitch.

– Partner: ICCO (The Netherlands).
– Country: Nicaragua

Reforestation of public spaces.

– Partner: Municipality of Mariato, Veraguas.
– Country: Panama

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